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Great Quality in not a Coincidence

From idea to finished garment, our original designs of luxury kaftans and dresses come to life slowly. They are the end result of a journey.
It all starts with a spark of inspiration. As we spend countless hours over the details, we never stop striving for the best quality. Outstanding quality of craftsmanship is our quality promise to you and we go a long way to guarantee it.
We want you to love wearing every luxury kaftan and dress we create and let it reveal the most beautiful side of you.
You deserve it.

Honest and Sustainable Fashion

In contrast to fast fashion and the culture of disposability, we at Loodyana believe in designing fewer but better pieces. Our focus is on creating timeless luxury kaftan designs of impeccable quality. Dresses that make you happy – today, next season and in a few years’ time too.
That is why we rely on small-scale, high-quality manufacture within our own atelier. That way we are certain that our collections are produced fairly and sustainably and we can deliver on our Quality Promise to you.
Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship (CSR) is a core value and a philosophy our brand takes pride in.
Respect for the people we work with and the environment is a key part of our design sensibility and production process.
Learn more abut the founders of the Loodyana brand here.